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Genus Starting With V

Plant NameHeightSpread
Vaccinium ashei 6 to 8 Feet6 to 8 Feet
Viburnum awabuki 'Chindo'12 to 15 Feet12 to 15 Feet
Viburnum dentatum 'Christom' Blue Muffin®5 to 6 Feet4 to 5 Feet
Viburnum macrocephalum 'Sterile'12 to 15 Feet10 to 12 Feet
Viburnum plicatum var. tomentosum 'Summer Snowflake'8 to 10 Feet8 to 10 Feet
Viburnum tinus 'Lisarosa' Shades of Pink2 to 3 Feet3 to 4 Feet
Viburnm tinus 'Spring Bouquet'5 to 6 Feet5 to 6 Feet
Viburnum x 'Nantucket'10 to 12 Feet7 to 8 Feet
Vinca minor 'Bowles'6 to 8 Inches3 to 4 Feet