We specialize in unique  hard to find plants, as well as tried and true favorites.

Since 1982 Piedmont Carolina Nursery has been growing the very best selection of plants for our customers. We appreciate your business and look forward to supplying your plant needs throughout the year!

Treeform Limelight Hydrangea

Why choose us?

Piedmont Carolina Nursery is a wholesale nursery located in west-central North Carolina specializing in unique or hard to find plants as well as tried and true favorites. Any of our plants can be purchased from an outstanding collection of garden centers and retail nurseries, from South Carolina to Pennsylvania.

Remember, “If unique is what you seek, we’re your source.”


Our Team

Piedmont Carolina's team consists of passionate plant enthusiasts who are ready to help you have a great client experience. We utilize both inside and outside sales staff to best meet the needs of our local and out of state customers.

We also offer in house delivery options for local customers. If you are interested in delivery/shipping options, please speak to a member of our sales staff.

Shipping and Delivery

We ship your plants on shelved trucks. We want to make sure you receive your shipment without necessary damages.  By taking the time to treat your orders with the care and attention they deserve we help you maximize your profits and maintain high quality plant offerings.